Darts4BlindAs we know, many visually impaired individuals live in the world and throughout Europe. Visually impaired individuals face many problems throughout their lives. The deficiencies of the physical environment such as the lack of preparedness for the individuals, the insensitivity of the people and the state policies prevent the visually impaired individuals from continuing their lives comfortably. Therefore, visually impaired individuals face many mental and sensory problems. In response to these problems, Visually Impaired Individuals prefer a lonely life by creating their own worlds away from social life and people.Kahramanmaras Sütçü Imam University School of Physical Education and Sports has developed and modified the sport of darts for the visually impaired. Together with our Project Partners, we will establish a European Network and spread the Darts sport in the visually impaired individuals. Thus, the integration of visually impaired individuals into social life will be one of our goals.Higher Education